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GIAP & EyeVi to revolutionize Polish road networks

GIAP and EyeVi Technologies combined their powers to optimize road data processing activities in Poland. Read how it went and what were the gains.

GIAP and EyeVi Technologies combined their powers to optimize road data processing activities. Their new technological solution will speed up the road mapping process in Poland.

Last year, GDDKIA in Poland constructed over 460km of new roads. What is behind the record result is the effective realization of the reparation and construction work and the official’s analysis, planning, and project management.

Supervision and inspection of roads are essential as new connections are created all the time. Fortunately, technology helps to make those expensive and time-consuming processes more efficient. The era of infrastructure digitalization has come.  One of the leading IT companies for the public sector in Poland, GIAP, has been working on a solution that can improve road management by utilizing high-resolution orthophoto maps.

“We can see enormous potential in the utilization of the digitized data. Precise orthoimages are a revolutionary tool in the improvement of the operational processes in complex projects. You can create road books or even do automatic detection of road signs.” – says Sławomir Hemerling-Kowalczyk, president of GIAP.

“The digitalized roads can be monitored, analyzed, and planned more efficiently thanks to automatic remote inspection. It also significantly decreases the costs of road construction works. The combination of our competence with EyeVi will let us bring the service of digital mapping to the national level.” – points out GIAP.

“EyeVi sees a great potential of the Polish market, and the cooperation with GIAP will help us successfully introduce our technology and will lead to its further development.” – adds Gaspar Anton, CEO of EyeVi Technologies.

The optimization of the management processes and the expected savings drive demand. The worth of the polish digital road mapping market reaches up to 300 million PLN. Since there is a need for regular map updates, the demand will be long term.

“We’ve been searching for affordable software that would enable us to shorten the time of processing data in the field. Finding the start-up specializing in exactly this type of software and starting cooperation with them is an achievement. Thanks to EyeVi’s solution – the transition of the graphic materials into the orthophoto mosaics takes 14 times less time than it did before, which significantly reduces the costs of this service.” – points out Sławomir Hemerling-Kowalczyk.

“Before EyeVi, the data processing took up to 2 weeks, and now we can talk about processing the photos and having them ready the following day. By engaging with EyeVi Technologies, we were able to win first tenders for the digital road mapping in 2 counties of the Warmian-Masurian province. It will be a great opportunity for testing this technology for the first time in Poland.”

Sławomir Hemerling-Kowalczyk

Digital road data can be effectively used to check the road’s condition without the need to perform the inspection work in the field. The data can be used to analyze defects, plan the repair work, prepare maintenance plans, make cost prediction, or even traffic management.

For instance, in Sweden, similar maps are often used during planning and highway construction. The roads in Finland and Great Britain have also been analyzed and managed through the EyeVi solution. In Estonia, the technology has been utilized to create an application for autonomous cars traffic management, and the data can be further used for smart city development. The Estonian start-up’s previous experience showcases that the demand for this type of geodetic solution is significantly growing in the engineering industry.

GIAP is a Polish technological solutions provider for the Polish public sector. The company’s core specialization is creating the GIS software, and its main product is Samorządowa Platforma Danych Przestrzennych [Local Government Spatial Data Platform] (SPDP) that supports the implementation of the local government administration tasks. It includes applications dedicated to the specific fields, map portals, mobile applications, e-services, and spatial data processing.

This article is a translated press release originally released in Polish. The original press release can be found here.

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