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Capture high accuracy geodata cost effectively and fast

EyeVi full mobile mapping solution includes hardware and software as a service. After signing the contract, we will send you the physical equipment and provide your team with the necessary training (on-site or remote), so you can start capturing and processing the data within days. Our expertise and additional support is available throughout your project.

With EyeVi, you can:

  • Bring CapEx to zero
  • Reduce OPEX up to 30%
  • Process your data rapidly and efficiently
  • Do the work without geospatial data specialists

EyeVi uses a milage-based pricing model

We price our hardware and software per kilometer. That means you only pay for data processing, feature extraction, and hardware rental for the kilometers that you capture. The price per kilometer is tiered and changes depending on your requirements for example how many extracted features you need.
We provide the hardware and software that you need for offering your services to your customers. With us, you don’t need to make any significant upfront investments into hardware and there is no need to build up software systems by yourself, which would require an even bigger investment in terms of time and money. Let us focus on all of that so you can focus on your main business and get a great ROI on every single project.

Equipment rental

360° panoramic camera
LIDAR scanner
GNSS/INS system

Software as a service

Web Application

AI feature extraction

Defects and attributes
Roadside objects
Vertification and correction

EyeVi's process includes seven steps


An agreement contract is signed between EyeVi and the client.



EyeVi’s Mobile Mapping System (MMS) is sent to the client.

Data capture

Data collection is conducted with EyeVi MMS hardware and DataCapture software.


Data processing

Captured data is run through EyeVi DataFlow software which is an automated data processing pipeline. It produces georeferenced panoramic images, HD orthophotos, and point cloud datasets ready to be used in asset management solutions or deployed for our next processes.

AI module

Processed data is used as an input for the Feature Factory (AI module) which outputs extracted features and objects depending on the task.


Web application

AI generated data layers are ready for visual inspection and verification in EyeVi Web Application.


EyeVi Web Application is handed over with all data downloadable and usable in client's own processes and applications.

EyeVi logomark.

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