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Meet our
amazing team

EyeVi has 53 employees of 12 different nationalities. We are diverse in our cultural background as well as in the things we like to do. We have people who love swimming in winter (yes, outside!) and those who enjoy a nice day at a spa. We have people who love motorbikes, and those who love just bikes (yes, bicycles). We have employees who like to sing in a choir and those who sing only in the shower. We have people who love to develop AI and those who love to write about it. Despite all these differences, we all share the same goal and make a part of one well defined whole.

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EyeVi's values


It's all about the team

The teams are the most important thing for EyeVi. We aspire to be motivative and inspiring for our employees as well as for our partners and clients. With such teams, we can be counted on when taking up new challenges – we will make things happen.

All for one and one for all is as accurate when describing musketeers as it is when describing EyeVi’s teams.

We never stop learning

We at EyeVi use the newest technologies available to bring in new approaches so that our employees can be even more innovative and productive in their roles. At EyeVi, we have no failure but rather a way for gaining experience and through that developing a way forward. We believe that the only way to grow and achieve great results is to grow yourself, so constant self-development is seen as an asset.

At EyeVi, innovation and openness are the keys to approach problems – we always think one step ahead!

There's nothing stronger

EyeVi supports a healthy work-life relationship. Flexibility in terms of working hours and attitude of team leads, in general, helps our employees to find just the right balance. EyeVi also understands the importance of taking some time off now and then to avoid overworking. 

Work should not equal life – we all need to take a breather sometimes. 




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Meet the management

EyeVi team member

Gaspar Anton

Founder and CEO

EyeVi team member

Christian Meier

Executive Sales

EyeVi team member

Märt Reose

Head of Development

EyeVi team member

Kalev Julge

Technical Director

EyeVi team member

Andri Riid

Head of AI Team

Our partners and clients