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Make road infrastructure management sustainable

EyeVi mobile mapping solution has been de-veloped with special emphasis on covering entire cities, municipalities, and even countries. The focus is on capturing real-life conditions and sustaining a regular update rate with cost-efficiency in mind.

The optimization of the full process includes the selection of leading hardware components in terms of cost vs accuracy, maximization of data production efficiency, and automatization regarding feature extraction options.

EyeVi Technologies road defect detection for predictive road maintenance

Predictive road maintenance

Effective road maintenance planning and decision-making require capturing road condition data and updating it with regularity. EyeVi provides highly accurate and constantly updated data by utilizing AI-assisted tools.

EyeVi Technologies road features detection for asset management

Asset management

Generating the content of geodata is the main challenge in building up asset management systems and digital registries. With EyeVi AI feature extraction platform, all objects in the field of view can be classified in terms of their location, measurements, and visual information.

EyeVi Technologies point cloud view of a town

Road engineering and design

The captured 3D data can serve as base data for ground and surface models, digital elevation, road profiles, and works planning. From there, it is possible to automatically verify as-built measurements, such as widths of road sections, heights of barriers, and road objects.

EyeVi's full solution includes: 
and sensors
Data capture
and field
operations software
Data processing pipeline
Web application for visual verification and data management
Training and technical support

On-demand mapping technology

EyeVi mobile mapping system mounted on a car.

Weekly or monthly renting fee per system for large-scale projects

The plug and play data capture system includes a 360° panoramic camera, LiDAR scanner, dual antenna GNSS/INS system, power inverter, and an on-board computer with software. All the equipment is easily mountable to any car type within an hour.

Data production pipeline for handling vast amounts of mileage with ease

From managing data collection on the field to automated data processing pipelines in the office. Panoramic images, high definition orthophotos, and full coverage point clouds are generated from the raw sensor input of the EyeVi data capture system.
User interface of EyeVi Datacapture software
User interface of EyeVi feature extraction software

Detection of road defects and attributes, road objects, and more

Neural network model algorithms help to automate information extraction from imagery, point clouds, and position and orientation metadata. EyeVi Web Application is used for visual verification of results, corrections, data management, and reporting.

What types of data can be extracted? 

Road surface management
  • Road defects: cracking, network cracking, edge defects, fretting, potholes, patching, weathering

    * Defected area calculations and summarised average value for each roadsection

Road asset management
  • Traffic signs: location, type, condition, height

  • Pole objects: street lights, traffic lights, portals

  • Road attributes: area, width, markings, number of lanes, curves, inclines and declines

  • Ground: surface type, road area, road profiles

  • Objects: fences, noise walls, over- and underpasses, railings, sidewalks, manholes

  • AV: localization map and HD vector map

EyeVi logomark.

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