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Case Studies

EyeVi demonstrated flexibility during the worldwide pandemic

EyeVi collaborated with a US company Phixel in June. While the whole world was adapting to the Covid-19 pandemic, so were we. We managed to ship our Mobile Mapping System (MMS) to Texas, US and support it.

The license agreement, details, and basic training with Phixel were completed in just a couple of days before we shipped the MMS off to Texas. The whole process – from the first call with Phixel to getting our equipment back to Estonia – was completed in less than a month.

“I was impressed with the stability of the setup, and how it all integrated”

Shane Nicoll

The US project is an excellent example of our plug-and-play business model. We have made our Mobile Mapping System (MMS) user-friendly and small enough to be transported and used instantly around the world. After a brief training, almost anyone can use our system. „I was impressed with the stability of the setup, and how it all integrated. The quality of capture and the design of the system was top-notch,” said Shane Nicoll, head of the Phixel project overseas. „I was impressed with the stability of the software, we didn’t have a single hitch. Everything worked as described, and as planned,” added Nicoll

Point cloud of McKinney square, McKinney, Texas, US – collected with EyeVi MMS

One of the key elements in collaborating with partners over the distance is, of course, customer support. Phixel pointed out that „It was like EyeVi’s technicians were sitting in the car with us.” Comprehensive help, support, and knowledge were constantly provided to the customer.

We used Ace Logistics to transport MMS. As our system easily fits in two travel luggage cases, it is possible to send it to any part of the world in a matter of days. We are always monitoring, supporting, and helping our customers with any problems they might have to overcome.

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