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Case Studies

EyeVi contributes to the digitization of Finnish roads

EyeVi collaborated with a Finnish company Ramboll and Transport and Communications Agency to ensure that the Finnish roads are following the EU regulations.

EU members make certain, that traffic control is made sufficiently to ensure an adequate level of safety on the designated road infrastructure. Ramboll and Finnish Transport and Communications Agency – Traficom are participating in a project to monitor and control roads according to EU regulations TEN-T (Trans-European Transport Network Policy).

One purpose of the project is to document road safety inspections and have the process automated, so returning to the landscape would be unnecessary. Traficom is planning to use 3D data captured in this pilot with EyeVi’s Mobile Mapping System so they could scale it to the entire Finnish road system.

EyeVi on-demand 3D mapping equipment was given to our partner Autori, who captured data on the Finnish road network for 2 weeks. Most of the capturing was carried out on the TEN-T road network to cover all possible cases and scenarios. Autori managed to handle EyeVi system with ease and therefore proved that high accuracy can be achieved via a plug-and-play and portable system.

Finnish roads

Our Mobile Mapping System proved to be effective – the automatic system processed the whole 1000km of raw data to usable final formats of panoramic images, orthophotos, and point cloud datasets in less than a week. The estimate is 1-day processing for 1-day data capture.

The results are now being used for drainage predictive maintenance, monitoring the surface of the road and pavement conditions, validation of construction sites and their requirements, analyzation of road safety aspects, digitization of road furniture.

All the data gathered will be analysed in August. Plans for the next stage are already in motion where EyeVi systems will be used for large scale projects in Finland in the following years.

The 3D data could be used on many occasions. In Sweden, for example, similar data is used often to contribute to the construction of roads. The roads could be monitored, analysed, and planned more effectively using automated auditing. This cuts costs of roadworks considerably.

The age of infrastructure digitization is upon us. EyeVi is one enabler in it. Let us make the infrastructure planning, monitoring, and auditing more sustainable and cost-efficient!

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