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Mapping for Ordnance Survey

Who are they?

Ordnance Survey (OS) is a limited company in which the entire share capital is owned by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS). It is the national mapping agency of Britain and is responsible for the surveying, production, maintenance, and marketing of a wide range of geographic information, relied on by government, business, and individuals.

What they wanted?

OS is looking at how this can be achieved through a methodology that is scalable to a national extent using an innovative, highly efficient and automated technology. An operational solution is therefore sought that will not only facilitate initial data capture and feature extraction but permit rapid and regular update and maintenance.

So, the Ordnance Survey needed service providers to support its investigative work into the potential uses of street-side feature geometry and associated attribution to meet various use cases; CAV (Connected Autonomous Vehicles), radio signal propagation and utility operations for example.

What was the tender about?

The Ordnance Survey decided to start with a small tender, a pilot-project, to collect information about who offers this kind of service and learn about possible ways to scale the tiny project to a nation-wide job. A little bit over a hundred kilometers of road in Romney, Southampton and Bournemouth, England, were chosen for the winners of the tender to show what they are capable of.

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